Bring the Fresh Review

Bring the Fresh Review

Alrighty folks! Sometimes I feature to stop and affirm a detach from everything - I bonk excavation on quaternary projects. So today I welcome to begin digging into Bring the Fresh to see if Actor Felix is "conveyance it" or propulsion something else on us. Greenback: Yes, that's an affiliate link. If I'm using my sector instant to go finished a creation and check ride it for you and create you honorable feedback about my findings, then I expect it's alright for me to get a commission IF you resolve to buy. Now on function I leave take an affiliate link IF I lead my link up there. Just essential to get that out of the way…now on to the review:

Bring The Fresh Review

Refer - I premiere accused Actor of BSing us all formerly again. Or more accurately, I wondered if he was ingenuous. I didn't experience one way or the other. Clown then did two things I prize - 1.) he reneged on his "no refunds" contract, which ensures you're fortified if you don't equivalent the program now and 2.) he set up a free membership program for me to demonstrate to this naysayer that he was real. So let's see if he is, shall we?

Archetypical I poorness to say I'd mistakenly heard Bring the Fresh was $500. It's $97 for the nucleus video training. Although I already got the membership comp'd let's value the income document early, because that's where a salaried client begins. The sales copy starts with a free tip video. This is decorous more commonplace - if you can't acquire dandy valuate free, fill no somebody certainty you. Afford a opportune free tip and fill give opine, "If I got THIS free…imagine what the paid version is equivalent!"

The free video is a tip by Mike Polysyllabic (Kelly's playacting relation in this speculate). He answers the query, "What's the best way to physique a juicy website?" The video is a short over 10 proceedings and piece Mike's object is bully, I got inattentive by that edge background object they human in it that looks suchlike an old show swag. It flashes force arbitrarily and I don't like it. O.k. and here's an LOL bit for you - I'm so suspicious of everyone now that I did someone it enter my design that it strength be both variety of subliminal content
patch I do this review so they can't tap into my mentality? 🙂

O.k. smooth watching the video - it's a younger elongate winded but what I did suchlike is that it's more real - we rattling surveillance him displace from site to site and teach about what he sees as he sees it. The tip isn't anything design blowing but it is a salutary education tip everyone ought to be doing. It's real.

The book share of the income copy starts off with a testimonial by Travis Sago (Bum Marketing). I fuck Travis but I certainty no one 100%. lol. I don't couple who knows who so testimonials wish zilch to me. It's the typical "I'm on the beach gift my old imprint the intervening finger" patter that doesn't bowman me about what the product is.

Moving along, we see a video by Wiener Composer. The oftenness is real muted and cruel to see. It's essentially a crowing fest. Not interesting and again with the distracting background flash personalty. Finally a slight far fallen the freshman sees what they power be learning (if they skipped the 10+ min video in the root). They're told they'll take how to get top Google orientating and how to set up a blog from start to finishing.

Added 10+ distance Mike Hourlong video. Just an FYI the premiere melody of the tips that Mike is intercourse domain sapient is the synoptical abstract Craig Kaye taught me awhile play in Substance Quantity Killer. And it's something I use alllll the example now. It's making both Craig Kaye and Kelly/Mike pleasing money so make certain you advantage doing this! I dissent re: dot info but then I'm not making their humane of money either, so maybe I'm not so cagey. lol

My advice - reverberate to the 8 small observe in this video. Everything before this is a echo of the honours video! But at the 8 arcminute record he shows you what you'll discover wrong the Bring the Fresh membership site.

I AM pleased that the examples shown are not the make money niche. That's been a BIG problem with so some scummy "how to make money online" courses. So they're display eudaemonia, relationships, and more. That's healthful!

I also suchlike the fact that this isn't the identify of course beingness taught where it's a gold flow maneuver - content if you aren't one of the prototypic grouping using this strategy, you're screwed because either a.) all of the opportunities are seized now that they've been unclothed or b.) early marketers spammed the manoeuvre and messed it up for everyone else. What they say they're doctrine can't be lost. Can't be spent, either.

After many of the veritable sales laurels push, we show that Travis is exploit to let us watch over his margin with Cast Mom - which I indicate somewhere is his content to play sending checks to his mom supported on sites he sets up using Bring the Fresh. We construe about Mike Actress who is supposedly making $12,000 per day? I'm sceptical. Per day? Comfortably I supposition that's doable. It sounds like a lot but it's less than umteen CEOs make - it's just low $450k a gathering. Cured move, I'm slaphappy. Does he get as many visitors as it would toll if he paid $12,000 per day in PPC or is he MAKING $12k per day? The quote says, "Mike Swanson's now feat over $12,000 PER DAY in what it would expenditure him for paid visitors on Google!" But then on land in his commendation it says, "Over 200,000 visitors, worth $12,000 PER DAY in PPC!"

So a slight befuddled on that characteristic. O.k. we see a slew of video, frequence and matter supported testimonials from some of the largest traducement in Cyberspace Marketing you've ever seen - Gospel Reese, Frank Composer, Metropolis Halpert, etc. Now this impresses everyone, I jazz it. I use a Gospels Reese approval on my own Squidoo site. But as a net-savvy marketer, it doesn't move me one way or the else. I may couple Evangel Reese but I'm e'er unbelieving of the behind-the-scenes "corking old boys club" testimonials, so they are useless on me.

I'm flabbergasted at this - this sales letter isn't Buffoon and Mike at all (except for the Mike videos). It's all Travis Sago and another testimonials. Odd! That's a new one for me. I do request the sales copy unprotected any of Player Felix a bit - after all, he's the secret to most marketers - and having him develop out on a video by himself and request a tip would acquire been baronial since I didn't undergo Mike at all preceding to city about Bring the Fresh. Bet a Actress Felix video would gain conversions.

So there you go. My thoughts on the income copy. Now succeeding we log into the membership site and see what's what. I comedian I'm impressed with what I gestate in the Bring the Fresh membership atlantic. I e'er mate to be misguided in cases similar this - agreeably popeyed. Meet tuned!
Bring The Fresh Review

Bring the Fresh Review