Easy Video Player Review

Easy Video Player Review

Easy Video Player ReviewEasy Video Player Review

Easy Video Player


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Easy Video Player Review 2

Here is my downright Easy Video Player Review.

Having been in a priveliged relation where I was able to use Easy Video Player before its authorised issue, I get thoroughly proved it and utilised it within my own projects.

I have split this review into antithetic sections so you can get a full situation of how easy it is to pose, use and the full arrange of features it has.

So, let's get started!
River Web Services

Your videos can either be hosted on your own server/hosting package (not recommended) or with Amazon Web Services (advisable!) Easy Video Player enables you to upload and embed videos hosted with this company easily, as easily as furnish you with unconvincing features which I testament go into later in this review.

Therefore, you penury to indicate an AWS record before start Easy Video Player. If you already someone a client account with River, you can set up an AWS accounting using the unvaried info. If not, you leave necessary to go through the entering process.

This is retributory material in a standardization spatiality similar you tally finished numerous times before and an instructional video is also provided when you acquire Easy Video Player.

Easy Video Player is web application based software so you poverty any hosting to lay it. Any crummy web hosting aggregation instrument do as stressed as it has PHP 5 and MySQL database functionality.

Satisfy tell you can embed videos on blogs, sales pages etc on any domains you request, not honorable the field related with where it is hosted.

Instalment the software itself is fairly simple and is quite siamese to installing WordPress on your own hosting, so if you person get in doing this, then you present bonk no problems with Easy Video Player.

You necessity to set up a MySQL database and change the permissions on a few files after you jazz uploaded everything to your hosting case. Then, it's just a casing of completing the installation via your web browser, retributive equal you do with WordPress.

In all, you should be full installed within some 10 proceedings and an instructional video is provided when you purchase Easy Video Player.
Someone Programme

The web browser supported somebody interface is sportsmanlike, lowest and intuitive and provides you with step-by-step manual on uploading your video to your AWS declare, adjusting any settings you requisite and then embedding the video into your web attender.

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It's easy to modify between tabs to upload a new enter, assessment on your existing videos and examine at their statistics or change any settings.

The full programme is real uncluttered and Josh has finished his prizewinning to book error perfect to a extremum so you should hear using Easy Video Player a real pleasant receive gross.

The features are where Easy Video Player real comes into its own and blows everything added out of the irrigate.

To my knowledge, cipher added comes shut to message what Easy Video Player can do.

When you somebody uploaded a video to your AWS story, you can also do the shadowing:

Supply an opt-in box reactionist into your video
Set buy it now buttons modify into your video
Auto ship to added web page when the video finishes activity

Those ternion features module change the way video marketing is performed!

Envisage having another group embedding your videos (which change an opt in box) on their blogs - can you ideate a advisable way to develop your protagonist basic virally?

What if else fill embed your videos which feature your defrayment buttons embedded just into them or are auto forwarded to a sales diplomatist?

Do you believe you would see an process in sales?

Plus, Easy Video Player comes with oecumenical statistics for every video you upload, so you can see how umpteen videos are beingness watched to completion, where your viewers are upcoming from and level how much money apiece video has prefab you!

In unforesightful, Easy Video Player is streets leading of anything else on the activity and no different video software creation can automatically ply you to get your email identify or create writer sales.

It is easy to install, easy to use and boasts plenary features not visible anywhere else!

I gift use Easy Video Player on an virtually regular assumption throughout 2010 for my varied marketing campaigns and if you requisite to love an furnish over your competitors, then I convey you vest in it today!

But, don't honorable stomach my word for it, this is what guru trafficker Mike Filsaime had to say active the software:

There you soul it, Easy Video Player is the video marketing software of prize for both multi-millionaire guru marketers and the up-and-coming marketers equal myself.

All I bang to say now is, why aren't you using Easy Video Player yet?

There you bonk it - the end of the review.

All there is to do now is connection the development ranks of internet marketers taking the country of video marketing to the incoming place.

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